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I am a writer, copywriter, content wizard, and communications guru. I’m also an entrepreneur, traveler, surfer, trail rider, snow slider, and Oregon dreamer.


As an adventurer, I love a good story. And the best stories come from the most unlikely places. As an entrepreneur and outdoor industry business owner, I understand how important it is for passion-driven businesses and mission driven organizations to tell true stories. Good story telling can not only share what’s important, but can also build community.


Writing what you want to say can be challenging, for even the most tuned-in businesses and organizations. You might need to be persuasive, but not too slick. Or earthy, but not too hippie. Voice, tone, and consistency all come into play.


I’m a sucker for publications, businesses and brands that tell honest stories and share my values of responsible tourism, adventure travel, a love for the outdoors and community collaboration.


Does that sound like you? Then, let’s talk.