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Bicycling Blog Post for Bike Around Bend

Bicycling Blog Post for Bike Around Bend

Over the last year, I’ve been writing a bit for Bike Around Bend, a local bicycling blog/website whose mission is to report on all members of the bicycling family (cyclocross, road riding, mountain biking and bicycle commuting) as well as bike culture in the Central Oregon communities of Bend, Sisters, and Redmond. It’s a pretty fun little gig and fits well with my volunteer duties as COTA’s volunteer Communication Director.

This post features a fellow board member, Mike Pulzone, a cool dude who spends a lot of time ensuring we have trails on BLM Lands. I’ve been involved in many non-profit organizations – as an employee, member, volunteer, and board member. I have to say that I am most proud of being involved with COTA. It is an all volunteer organization that maintains hundreds of miles of mountain biking trails in Central Oregon and I could have never guessed that a small group of committed group of people that have jobs, families and lives get SO MUCH accomplished. In fact, Bend was just recently (again) voted as one of the best mountain biking towns in the country. I have mixed feelings about this.

If I could just write about three things for the rest of my life–travel, bikes & surfing–I’d be a pretty happy girl. Or would I get bored?

Check out Bike Around Bend.

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