can robots tell stories?


I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about automation and artificial intelligence, or if you want to sound cool, “AI”. This is an idea that is often skimmed over in mainstream outlets, but it is going to be the single most disruptive innovation in the next decade. It is fascinating stuff, and a tough concept to wrap my head around. Before I dig in, watch the video below with the little girl that meets a "robot." It's short.     We often think about the rise of automation in production (making widgets), extraction (harvesting resources), services (robot calls), warfare (drones), warehousing (Amazon), homes (Alexa), transportation...

editing mountain bike guidebook

I’m Writing a Book

And I'm losing my mind. I’m in the final stages of writing a guidebook, and oh my god. At first, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. Four years ago, I came back to the United States from a year-long surf trip and declared, with determined fists clenched, “I am never working for anyone again. I am going to be a writer.” I envisioned working in coffee shops and airports, lazily typing out articles and blog posts. Drinking coffee, and executing my flawlessly flexible schedule by going for mountain bike rides at 10 in the morning. But it is a big deal, writing...

Get more women on bikes

Five Ways to Get More Women On Mountain Bikes

And not by hiring female staff or selling pink socks First, I need to preface this by saying that I live in a place where women generally dominate the cycling scene. I’m lucky to live somewhere where women get outside and shred, and where women riders are supported by our community and our shops. But I know that I live in the anomaly that is the “Bend Bubble”. Also please know that I’ve been mostly a mountain biker since the mid-1990s, so my perspective comes from the dirt world. I recently read an article from Bike Magazine that Trek is trying to...

tourist trash bend oregon

Bend Is Being Loved to Death – And It’s My Fault

Author Note: On June 7, 2016, I sat on my front porch on a warm summer evening and wrote the following blog post about tourism in Bend, Oregon. On a whim, I shared it on Facebook and things went bonkers after that. 91 people took the time to comment on the post and most comments echoed the same sentiment. It was shared over 5,000 times on Facebook. I got calls from Visit Bend, The Source, The Bulletin and many other organizations.  I struck a nerve in my community. Unfortunately, when I launched this new website, the comments did not transfer over, so...