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Notes From AFAR Travel Magazine

I have a new travel porn addiction: AFAR Travel Magazine.  A combination of photos and destination information, it’s like Pinterest for travel junkies with pretty pictures, inspiring places and great user generated content.

As I worked at my desk today, I kept getting emails that fellow AFAR users were liking my Highlights. Wondering why I was seeing all of this activity, I checked out the site. About a year ago, I had posted some photos and one of the AFAR Ambassadors created a Wanderlist that included one of my photos.

Here’s how AFAR works:

  1. You create an account that includes a photo of yourself and a short bio.
  2. You post Highlights. Highlights are great travel photos that include a short description, location and “what to do” tags. You can also tag your Highlights with any words or phrases.
  3. You can then save photos into “Wanderlists” to keep them organized. You can put your own photos or others’ photos in Wanderlists. For instance, I have a Wanderlist called “Future Plans” where I drop in photos of places that I want to go.
  4. You may also “Like” some highlights.

A Highlight looks like this:

AFAR Screenshot

Highlights are generally categorized by region or country, but AFAR also posts “Guides” that are curated by AFAR Staff or Ambassadors. These may have titles like “Not So Ordinary Family Vacations” or “Art in Unlikely Places”. The guides are great because they show many different highlights or destinations that have a common theme.

So if you absolutely need another way to spend time (yah, right), check out AFAR. It’s pretty cool. They also have an excellent monthly print magazine that includes features, profiles and in-depth information on destinations.



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  • Mom

    October 8, 2013 at 3:26 am Reply

    Aunt Jan and I used AFAR often in our recent travels and even posted about a couple of restaurants we visited. I also recommended it to Uncle Marco for planning their trip to Argentina.

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